El Centro Si | Laredo Conference Center | Vote YES for Proposition B





    Supporters like Mayor Pete Saenz, Councilmember Roberto Balli, and the entire council know the exciting possibilities a conference center will bring to downtown to help drive economic growth throughout Laredo.


    The conference center will support 157 permanent, full-time jobs, in addition to even more temporary jobs during the construction phase, helping to strengthen our local economy.


    Along with proceeds from the sale of the former civic center property and capital improvement funds, the conference center will be paid for by visitors and tourists, who will pay a small increase in taxes on hotel rooms and rental cars. There will be NO new taxes for Laredo’s citizens!

Now is the time to make a visible, significant difference in our city’s future! Scroll through our website to learn more and see why you’ll soon be saying ¡El Centro Sí!

The Laredo Conference Center will be adjacent to the historic La Posada Hotel with a view of the Rio Grande. Once complete, the center will bring new energy and sustainable growth to the city’s rich cultural landscape.




The center is designed to embrace Laredo’s culture, honor its history and facilitate its vision for the future. In addition, it will include state-of-the-art facilities otherwise not available within a 150-mile radius of Laredo:

  • Between 48,000 and 56,000 square feet of meeting space, including a ballroom, six meeting rooms, two board rooms and two outdoor terraces
  • A 21,000-sq.ft., column-free ballroom, six meeting rooms, two board rooms and two outdoor terraces
  • Additional exterior courtyard space incorporating Casa Ortiz
  • Modern, built-in audio and a/v systems
  • Catering capacity from onsite commercial kitchen


The Laredo Conference Center will attract new dollars to the City and encourage development.

  • More visitors to Downtown Laredo will spend their dollars on dining, entertainment and shopping close to the Center.
  • More visitors will lead to greater interest among local citizens, who in turn will increase their time spent in the downtown area.
  • The whole city will enjoy the increased activity of visitors and locals, as well as greater awareness among convention and conference planners who are looking for interesting new locations and venues to host their events.


Laredo’s Mayor, Pete Saenz, the City Council, and our city’s business and civic leaders are excited about how the conference center can help revitalize our downtown. But we need citizens like you to get excited, too, and vote YES for Proposition B! The time is now!

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Authorizing the City of Laredo to finance a convention center venue to be located within the corporate limits of The City of Laredo and the related infrastructure and the maintenance and operation thereof and (I) to impose a new motor vehicle rental tax at the rate of five percent (5%), and (II) to impose a new and additional hotel occupancy tax at the rate of two percent (2%) in the city of Laredo, Texas for the purpose of financing the convention center venue project. If approved, the maximum hotel occupancy tax rate imposed from all sources in the city of Laredo, Texas, would be sixteen (16%) of the price paid for a room in a hotel.

Will this project cause taxes to go up for Laredo residents?

NO. The construction of the Laredo Conference Center will be financed by proceeds from the sale of the former civic center property, capital improvement funds, and funds from hotel occupancy and car rental tax revenue that visitors pay.

Who will own the Laredo Conference Center?

The City of Laredo and its residents will own the center 100%.

Why is downtown the location of choice?

The location is connected to the largest, full-service hotel in Laredo – La Posada. As an attraction, the downtown location offers walkability and connectivity, offers a unique mix of history and culture, as well as proximity to Mexico.

How will this project help downtown and Laredo’s economy in general?

The Laredo Conference Center will stimulate economic development and revitalization in and around the downtown area and will be part of the infrastructure that makes downtown a popular venue for locals as well as visitors to enjoy.

Why don’t we use this money for roads, sidewalks or other community needs?

State law requires that hotel occupancy taxes only be used to directly enhance and promote tourism and the convention and hotel industry. They may not be used for other local purposes.

Who will manage the operations of the conference center?

Palafox, a local hospitality management company, proposes to manage and operate the conference center in coordination with appropriate City staff.

Why is a conference center needed?

The center will provide conference facilities not available within a 150-mile radius, and replace the former civic center to provide a much-needed for local functions and events.

How much funding will Proposition B potentially raise?

Approximately $12 to $18 million will be raised from hotel occupancy and car rental tax revenue resulting from the passage of Proposition B.

What are the Hotel Occupancy Tax and the Car Rental Tax, and who pays them?

The Hotel Occupancy Tax and the Car Rental Tax are charged to and paid by persons that rent a hotel room or car.

How will the project help downtown and Laredo's economy in general?

The Conference Center and La Posada Hotel can generate $18 million in annual recurring economic impact and support 157 permanent, full-time jobs.